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A growing addiction

I love the fact that I primarily avoid analog smoking. I'm still at less than a pack a week, after 1-2 pack a day, only because I smoke a cig on the way to work and on the way home. Easier than dripping while driving :)

That being said, I have mentioned before that I started off with some random no-name cheapo to try it out. I moved on to the Janty Kissbox, which I have loved until recently. For various reasons, and not to insult Ethan (he was great at handling my tickets), I want to move on to something...better...

What I have discovered is that I am heavily addicted to nicotine. Even more so than when I was smoking :) But I'm not smoking 20-40 a day so my 2 a day seems fine to me. I love nicotine, but hate lung butter. Good enough for me!

The problem I have found with this forum is that anywhere you look for "which is best", you get a dozen people with their biased opinion. What I look for:

-Huge vapor output. The biggest issue I have with the mental effect is that if you inhale like you would with a cig, most of the vapor is gone. If you just barely pull it into your throat, the cloud can be a monster.

-Extended battery life...as in, if I puff all day, I only want to change the battery one. And I mean ALL day :)

-I don't have a preference on throat kick. A slight pinch is fine, a harsh hit is too ( chain smoked marb reds since I was 16 ).

I'm sure that's what everyone wants, and I know I need to sacrifice one for the other. But can I get a recommendation for (I'm in the US btw) a supplier/product that can accomplish this? I've seen the Prodigy and Protoge, and truth be told I'm an impatient person. (Thought I would be honest, when I want something I want it now.) 2-3 weeks for shipment makes me sad!

Is there anything out there that can accomplish the high vapor output with superior battery life, that is in stock and ready to ship, and ( geezz, I certainly am needy )

I've looked at devices with PCC's, and at Prodigy and SD mods, and I just don't know where I should focus because I don't own any of them. But you...<irish accent>youuuu peeeeople have been chosen to reveal our exist--</irish accent> wait...you people who do, have a wealth of experience that I could benefit from.

Cheers, and thanks for considering my request for assistance!:thumb:

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