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A Review of my E-Cig’s from the VERY Beginning

First, I would like to give credit to the Great Leaford & Mike because of his outstanding reviews and all of the money he must have spent for giving the public good and helpful Info! I consider Leaford My E-Cig Mentor!

This thread is basically about EVERYTHING I have faced ever since I started vaping. I try to be as unbiased as possible and down to the point.

My E-cig experience started around the end of December of 2008.

My first e-cig - Crown7 Hydro.

Crown7 has SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE. The Crown7 Hydro was also my first e-cig and I ONLY bought it because there was a local Cigar vendor that actually sold it and I wanted one sooo bad without wanting to wait for shipping times so I went ahead to their dealer (the cigar shop) and I bought a kit. At the time, Crown7 was selling the hydro online for about 80 bucks, when I went to the store, they upsold the Hydro by another 20 making the Starter Kit 100 bucks... So I said fine whatever, and the salesman dude let me try it and all but it was kinda crappy, it produced very little vapor. it was like the little bit of smoke you get when you blow a match stick out, that would be my best way to describe the vapor amount it produced, and the guy said that it was normal because it had to be broken in and yadda yadda yadda, but since I knew NOTHING about the e-cigs at the time, I believed him. It was also because like I said, I wanted one so bad. so I bought the kit and 2 packs of carts (High) which were mixed berry flavors for 13 bucks each.. The ONLY good thing he did for me was that he allowed me to swap the carts that came with the kit with a Vanilla flavored package of carts (Med).

By the way, Crown7.com has now dropped the price of the Hydro to 55 Dollars but still, DO NOT BUT IT, 55 bucks can buy you much better Kits unless the Hydro now magically creates clouds of vapor which I completely doubt!

Well, a few days later of vaping it, it did get a little better with the vapor but it was still poor. I then went on youtube and saw most of Leaford's (My Mentor) e-cig Vids and Learned a lot and also info from this site gave me a lot of good tips also.

I started dripping on the atty and it gave me much more vapor and I stuck with it for about 3 months. The atomizer and battery broke on me about a week later =(
I sent an email to Crown7 and this guy that goes by the name J was REALLY nice and helpful and sent me replacements that got here pretty fast being I am in nYc and he sent it from Arizona. I was happy about that and for the next 3 months, I would use the Hydro and smoke less analogs but the Hydro just didn't really cut it..So I needed an Parliament every so often.

The atty and battery's broke every one to 2 weeks but Every time I sent an email to crown7, J would send me replacements for them so that's how I went on, lol

So on the 3rd month of sending me free stuff J finally got mad and said "Harry, there is a certain point till we start losing money on these parts we send you, from now on, deal with the store you bought it from..."

That was reasonable as the last thing I complained about was their carts dried up inside the sealed packages and he sent me 2 bottles of their Large e-liquid which were priced at 30 bucks per bottle on the site. keep in mind that this all happened around Jan. -March

then I finally convinced my dad to buy me a DSE-901b Which was AWESOME compared to the Hydro. it was like driving a civic for 3 months and then getting a brand new Lexus.

But as I learned more and more and got more and more info from this site and Suppliers, I learned that what I thought was a DSE-901b was really a RN 4075 which is basically a CLONE made by a different manufacturer, I was cheated.. But I am not going to name the supplier that I was mislead to buy from due to the fact that the supplier is a forum Sponsor/Supplier from this forum so I do not want to disrespect anyone Directly but I want to point out that it is WRONG to Mislead your customers. By the way, the way to tell whether your "DSE-901b's" are the real deal is very simple. all you have to do is look at the end of the battery and the Atomizer and look for the the letters "SLB" which stands for Sailebao, the manufacturer of the REAL DSE's. The OTHERS have either just some random numbers and letters stamped on them or nothing at all stamped on it.

Also, I mentioned the DSE because the guy that sold me the Crown7 at the Store was ironically using a DSE-901b instead of a Crown7, lol and they only sold the Crown7 Hydro's. And he told me the Hydro was just as good...Lying, typical salesman.

well, this was some time ago, since then I got myself a Magnum which is a Loong Totem v9, a SUPER VAPING MACHINE which I got from epuffers but it only lasted like 3 weeks before everything went wrong..

the Eaze Micro, which is the "smallest e-cig in the world" which is also a poor performer,a kick e-cig I bought from amazon.com, DO NOT BUY IT!!!! I had so many problems with it and the kit it came in was boxed nicely and everything complete with email addresses and phone numbers for customer support which ALL do NOT WORK. SO I was taken...

I then got myself a M-401 which was great but not the best vapor production.

a REAL DSE-901b, AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

and just recently I got the new manual DSE-901b kits with the newly redesigned Atomizers which made dripping a lot better because it wouldn't leak through the hole as much..

and lastly, the best ever Joye 510, it is truly a Good e-cig with plenty plenty plenty of vapor and NO CUT OFF!!! and the atty doesn't get too hot. What I love about the 510 is that it is truly redesigned with all the previous defects of older e-cig models in mind.

The 510 actually resembles the DSE-901b manual button in many ways, the look of it, the way the Atty is designed, it is just like he 901 but just better designed. It even has a gasket in the battery so if the gasket from the Atty fails to block the liquid the gasket in the battery would serve as a "back-up" in a way because liquid going into the battery's has ruined many, many of my battery's in the past.

The PCC's are great and is exactly how it is advertised and is a great design and is durable.

I dropped it twice, once with the lid closed and once with it opened and nothing happened to it, not even a scratch. Of course, it wasn't dropped on concrete..

The only thing to worry about is when you put the battery in the recharge it make sure you put it in the RIGHT way which is the threaded part down,

also with the atomizer i suggest you place it in one of those little plastic bags it comes in before you place it in the holder because I notice that it leaks like hell all over the place so at least in the little bag you can just wipe up the atty when you take the atty out of the case in stead of having to waste massive Q-tips cleaning the mess up inside the little hole in the casing.

I also bought Pass-through's for the M, a Manual Passthrough for the DSE-901b and a Manual pass-through for the Joye 510

too bad the M didn't have a manual button but it definitely gave more vapor coming from my laptop than the battery alone.

The DSE Manual Passthrough is also very nice with vapor production and it still has the blue light.

The 510 Passthrough is kinda weird but actually good at the same time.

It has NO LED light at the TIP and the wiring has a little rectangular box that requires a battery, it comes with it of course and it is rechargable.

Now WHY is it good? first it produces A LOT OF VAPOR and the 510 itself already does that so imagine even more. The cool part about it is that if you take it off the USB slot, IT STILL WORKS! I gues thats why the Battery is needed, but that's a nice thing about it for sure.

To SUM it all up, BECAREFUL with buying DSE-901b's or DSE 901 mini's wha ever you wanna call them. Make sure to ask about the SLB Stamp.

ePuffers is a HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They Do NOT care for Their customers and they are WAY overpriced.
Lets not even talk about the kits... does 30 dollars for a 30ml of juice sound right to you?

I think I covered most of what I wanted to speak about.

Special thanks again to Leaford for a lot of the things I have learned just from him talking and puffing with Mike (His Parrot) making noise in the background, lol.

Happy Vaping to ALL!!

also, PM me if you have any questions at all about the above things I talked about.

by the way, the Hydro, is also known as the KR-208, stay away from that e-cig, Please

I actually put mine up for sale on the classifieds section a lil while back, no one wanted it haha and I gave a good price too and Ii was wiling to throw in the 60 bucks worth of Crown7 Premium E-liquid, lol

well, if anyone still wants it or wants to trade? its in perfect condition and I have 6 working battery;s for it and 4 atomizers 2 old and 2 are of a newer design, it sorta looks like an M atomizer and it did work well, for a week that is. But if you buy it from me, remember, Crown7 will keep sending you free parts if you just email them and complain for up to 3 months, seriously!

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  1. I am surprised you kept vaping with all your problems

    Posted by lucke strike electronic cigarettes | November 14, 2009, 6:33 pm

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