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Chuck Laws.

Here is the list of Laws. With the chuck. Not listed in order.

Listed items may or may not be covered under the warranty from Jeff.

#1 Dont knock it over when its standing for dripping or just looking good. Could damage switch or scratch surfaces. I got scared many times.

#2 Dont drop it form 3 feet or higher onto any surface. The surface will be scratched or broken. Could break switch or atty, or so I have heard.

#3 Dont open beer cuz you dont have a lighter. it will scratch the end cap. I know..

#4 Dont keep the chuck in your pocket with the button pushed and you dont know. It will kill the atty, and make the room smell funny. I know...

#5 Dont let your Friends use it.. They want to take it home with them. (they dont even have a battery charger.) I know...

Anyone else?
These are responsibilities you all must take on when you buy your own.. :D

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