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The future of e-cig nicotine delivery, seperating nicotine and PG?

Reading about research that says that nicotine absorption occurs more in the mouth than in the lungs, I wonder if we're going to have to see the development of a dual system in order to achieve true lung nicotine delivery.

While this may be expensive, I think the true future of e-cigs may lie in a separate vaporization system for nicotine than for PG. This would allow for variable nicotine delivery of the e-cig, and possibly open up the doors to true lung absorption, in addition to the creation of a truly freebase nicotine delivery by making the nicotine itself extremely alkaline without having to do the same for the actual juice.

Perhaps future e-cigs will have two inline systems, the nicotine vaporization chamber (Perhaps a 0.1ml nicotine cartridge that would be sold in blister packs) and a PG vaporization system. This might also open the door to two developments, firstly ultrasonic atomizers for the people who don't care about the heat of their vapor, which might in turn dramatically increase battery life. And secondly, the ability to 'dial in' the MG level of your dose without having to fudge with vaporization rates of the PG.

Alternatively, you could sell a much smaller e-cig that was purely nicotine delivery that would have perhaps days or weeks of battery life, as vaporizing the nicotine only would allow you to vaporize a much smaller amount of liquid while still maintaining high nicotine dose. You could still maintain the variability of the regulator.

The only wrinkle I could see in this whole plan is that you would have to make the nicotine cartridges robust enough that they could survive digestion and passing through the system, in order to make sure that small children don't accidentally ingest them and suffer from nicotine poisoning. This could potentially be avoided by having much smaller cartridges (perhaps 10 micro liters) that would be more cigarette sized doses, and come in the form of screw-off mouthpieces with a puncture needle opening the cartridge as it screwed on.

What are your opinions on the matter? Would you welcome an e-cig technology that might have a base cost of say, $100 an e-cig, if you had the advantages of much higher nicotine absorption, with a faster onset, and tightly controlled nicotine cartridge manufacturing tolerances? Perhaps you could also add MAOI doped cartridges. This would also separate ANY carcinogens from the juice, as you could use synthetic nicotine instead.

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