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801 *auto* gear still available?

I've had a lot of trouble with manual 801 equipment: defective manual-button passthrough, an entire order of manual 801 batteries -- all defective (possibly caused by a defective charger -- I can't tell for sure).

So as much as I like the control of the manual button operated batteries, I'm SO over this particular kind of 801 gear. I want to go back to using auto passthroughs and auto batteries. (By comparison, 510 equipment has been damn'-near flawless.)

Does anyone still sell auto 801 passthroughs and auto 801 batteries?

An alternative to the battery problem: Totally Wicked 510 'mega' batteries (with 510-to-801 adapters from Altsmoke) work great with 801 atomizers. That's a best-of-both-worlds situation. But I'd still like to have a few more auto 801 batteries. Not sure about battery mods and 801 atomizers. Yesterday, using a Chuck battery mod set up for the 510, I burned out *two* 801 atomizers that were attached using the Altsmoke adapters. Losing two in one day is not a good thing. (This has not happened while I've been using 801 atomizers on 'mega' batteries. Then again, maybe I also need to find a source of better-quality penstyle atomizers.

Thanks in advance for any advice...

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