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A Little Note To Anyone Who’s On The Fence

Others may have posted similar sentiments, but I had to share my experience with e-smoking. I smoked analogs for over 20 years and tried to quit so many times. I was looking around online one day, trying to see if there was some alternative to analogs, which had just hit $6.50 a pack, and I found e-cigs on Costco.com

I had never heard of them before, but was very intrigued and did quite a bit more research. I ended up ordering an overpriced kit with cartomizers from a no-name website, hoping that I wasn't wasting more money on something that wouldn't work.

When my order arrived, smoking the e-cig felt goofy, but smoking it, I had no desire to open the 5 packs of analogs that I kept in my office "just in case". My family watched & waited & gave me space, because every other time I tried to quit, I acted less like Tink & more like The Wicked Queen.

I was going through the cartomizers pretty quickly, but was a little intimidated by the other e-cigs that I had seen online. I then found this forum & learned so much about the e-cig alternatives.

I then had a scare, when my battery charger died and I was left with nothing but analogs. I found a wonderful seller here in the forum, who was kind enough to let me order two 306 kits & drive down to pick my order up that same day. Once I got the hang of the 306, I decided to move up to the 510.

I told my mom about e-cigs and then flew down to get her started. She has smoked for over 55 years and never thought she'd be able to quit, so she was even more doubtful than I was. She's has lupus & has now been analog free for just over a month and is feeling better than she had in years.

Our family just went through a pretty tough time....Times that I would have gone absolutely crazy without smoking and I'm getting through everything just fine without them. So to those out there who are skeptical....Please don't hesitate to give e-cigs a try. The members here on ECF are so helpful and whether they know it or not, are life savers.....Literally.

I'm happy to say that those 5 "just in case" packs of analogs that I had in my office, got tossed into the garbage today. :)

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