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A unique filler… human hair

To my complete surprise and utter amazement I found my hair to be exactly what I needed to fill my carts. I have long straight hair and each day I brush it out ending up with quite a wad in my brush every few days.

I vaped with my cart of hair for 2 hours non stop. Now after at least 40 drags I am recovering from a wicked head buzz I can say the flavor remained completely consistent and vapor production was immaculate. I got no burnt taste what so ever and got as much if not more of my e juice out of it as I would have polyfil.

I am using a 510, not sure how this works with other carts as I only have a 510. I am now vaping on my third cart filled with my own clean sterilized (everclear) hair and have yet to get a burnt flavor out of it.

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