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E-Juice Vendor opinions

We purchased our 1st round of E-Juice from totally Wicked. We got some of the 32 to mix ourselves and some of the coffee, which I loved! We found we cannot use the Loranne's with Oils and she has chosen to stay away from some colors as well.

I am very happy they give us a list of contents on the bottle. I trust them for keeping our juice safe. However, without a political debate, we do not like having to pay a % of our order price to the bank for an international transaction, when they are shipping from America.

Does anyone have any US - based companies to recommend for E-Juice that includes a content label and is reasonably priced? I believe I was able to get 30ml of 32mg juice when I ordered for $30.

I know my other half would be ecstatic if someone could recoomend somewhere we could find a chocolate flavor that is safe, with no questionable content that she could use as a base as well! Thanks in advance.

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