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I’ve taken the plunge

I didn't want to announce any intentions in case I made an ass of myself, but I've been off tobacco for a few days now.

The 20mg Virginia, as horrid as it is, is doing it's job of suppressing the cravings. I don't vape in the mornings, I breath my Janty Stick, sucking on it like a starving baby on a teat, but eventually, the nicotene levels build up and I can get back to normal. Normal means feeling a little bit ill on the stomach, but tolerable. Once nicotene levels are stabilised, I drip some low strength, high flavour Virginia as a reward to myself for enduring.

I saw myself as a smokaholic and have been totally unable to give up for near on 40 years, despite numerous attempts. I can confidently say to anyone wanting to quit smoking, vaping IS a viable alternative. The industry makes a point of not advertising vaping as a means to stop smoking, but I reckon it very definitely is, more so than any other stop-smoking product ever offered. The same nicotene and sensory signals are there, only the analog 'rush' is missing.

Thanks to all here for the part they played in my vaping education, the knowledge you impart on the forums is absolutely essential.

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