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Just vapped for the first time. need help

i just got my 510 yesterday and vaped for a good hour and a half today. the liquid that came with my starter was the 18mg Toffee, but i didn't really feel much nicotine from it (not until i puffed on it for a good while) or maybe it's because my vaporizer hasn't been broken in yet?

Obviously, i wont have the luxury to puff for 30minutes at a time at work during breaks, so i was wondering how the 24-26mg range e-liquids feel to you guys?

i normally smoke camel lights, molboro lights, and parliaments.... but so far my first experience with the 18mg hasn't been that great.... i enjoy smoking them at home, but if i'm out and about, i'd rather find something that's really like a substitute fora cigarette, instead of having to stand there and smoke for an hour to feel like i've smoked 1 full cig.

by the way, how many (18mg) puffs = 1 cig ?

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