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510 woes are over,….

Well I have never found my cart nitch with the 510 and was getting fustrated so I started dripping, there was a learning curve bt now I am in Vape heaven :)..

I also ordered a KR808D-1 for when out and about to make less hassels. I think this will insure me not to have problems as today is my 7 day analog free.. I have spent a ton of money in the past two weeks trying to get my nitch I hope this is the ticket over 300.00 in the past two weeks in kits and juice I have saved about 75 on analogs so far. So if this stuff can last me the month I will have come out ahead..:-D If it lasts me a few months we are really doing good. I think it will 7 510 2 kr808D-1 and about 150 ml of juice plus 20 Cartomizers I should be OK for a little while.

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