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A Misconception on vaping?

Using a KR808D-1 from V4L, I also have a 510 that I use as a last resort.

I wasn't really a pack a day smoker, I smoked because of the experience,taste,feeling, and oral fixation sure, but I don't think I was addicted. I would quit months at a time then come back.

Now I'm vaping because its healthier but mainly because I can smoke indoors without the nasty smell and because theres snow outside.

The problem with me is I vape the carts until I get a funny dry cart taste, I refill and vape some more until the battery starts to lose its power. Pretty much non stop. I've been researching and carts presumably last 14 or so drags, will for me thats too short.

I haven't timed myself exactly but I go through carts and batteries in about 30mins each. I don't understand how one cart and battery can last you hours. It boggles my mind.

I'm vaping on 0mg or low juice now, like I said before I'm not addicted to nic, its all mental for me, I have a very addictive personality to begin with.

I just enjoy the flavors and the act of vaping/smoking.

My VK PT just died and I think its due to how I vape.

My first e-cig was a 510, had 2 510 PTs die on me in little over a week. I dreaded refilling every 15mins,how the juice leaks everywhere on both ends and even into your mouth after each drag,the terrible battery life on them and most of all the finicky atty with its nasty primer fluid that you can't seem to blow out enough of and how it overheats and burns then you get that nasty burnt taste forever no matter how much juice or what flavors, -end 510 rant.

I just don't know what to do. I feel there needs to be a new device invented for freaks like me, power vapers.

A device with 20ml of juice inside of it ready to be vaped or something, a cartomizer/Atty that can withstand a long hard beating, and last but not the very least a freakin battery/PT that can last longer then 30mins/1 week of multiple non stop vaping sessions. Also 5,7,10 second cut offs? Give me a break!

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