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Funny 510 atomizer(Ohm’s Law)

Well I was vapping on a yeti 510 atomizer on my SB tonight, and I noticed it was getting really hot.

Cddz asked me what my ohms was, so I got my meter out to find out it was reading 2.1.

Cddz told me it was running at around 25 watts, because of this resistance. And that it could pop my batteries.

So I stopped using that atomizer, but I woke up thinking about it. Seems that on the 18650 battery it's really working well.

I found this ohm's law calulator on google.

At 2.1 it reads at 8.4watts instead of the 3.6 ohm atomizer which would be 4.9watts. If the batteries on the 6volt were drained down to 6v instead of 7(which would be 13.6watts) it would be 10watts.

Kind of a nice middle ground IMO.

Ohm's Law / Watt's Law Calculator

Thought I would share. Not all atomizers are = to all voltages.

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