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My Personal Opinion on FDA and Ecigs

I find it interesting that tobacco cigarettes are FDA approved, yet the FDA has created controversy that runs both hot and cold regarding the safety of ecigs.

Now,regular cigs contain horrible chemicals used in rat poison, welding substances, etc, etc. The ecig contains minute quantities of LESS harmful chemicals.

And in regards to PG in ecigs, from what I read, PG is in pharm medicines, foods and even condoms. Hence the fact PG is used in fireman training, theaters, clubs, etc where ppl inhale up to 50 gallons!

Ecigs are just a safer alternative. Ban sales to minors, warn the public of possible side effects and be done with it!

Actully, if I were in a position of political power and business, approving ecigs could actually create big markets...especially in the pharm dept Ecig sales have drastically increased in the past year.

With that in mind, who are they kidding that they are concerned with our health? They care about money and control, brought on by addiction and social acceptance.

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