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One month in

I was very hopeful when I first got my e-cig, and started to get bummed out about the mess and effort of carts, and the not quite satisfyed feeling after vapeing for 20 minutes.

"I'm going to make these carts work!"
Dripping is so much better, and... less effort, less no mess.

"I'm going to stick with 18mg."
The problem here was the 20+ minute vape times. I finally ordered some 48 and some PG.

With 48, vape time is less than an analog! With 36, vape time is about the same as an analog (my personal experience). With either one there's no "If I can just drag on this thing a few seconds longer I'll get a good hit". It's more like a regular draw off a cigarette.

In fact, with 48, three drops will provide at least 2 smoking sessions, and I'm taking tiny draws because the 48 is almost too strong.

It's been my experience that getting the nicotine in the system quickly is more effective than getting a lot of nicotine in the system slowly.

Cigarettes are no longer appealing, but I'm smoking three a day for a smooth transition. After 20+ years of tobacco it seems like a good idea.

And this passthrough is awesome. A constaint full charge with no downtime. I'm ordering another one for the car so I don't have to carry it back and forth. Battery units still have their place. I might order a chuck one day, but the majority of my smoking takes place near a USB port.

E-smoking rocks!

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