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Simple Homemade Pocket Clip…

For me, carrying my first e-cig (KR808D-1) with an automatic battery in my shirt pocket wasn't a concern other than it almost always ended up flat (horizontal) at the bottom of my pocket so I had to dig for it to use it. Then yesterday I got my Joye 510 with a manual battery and now I also have to worry about it getting in a position in my pocket where it might get its button pushed and overheat my atty, even burning in my pocket.

So I thought about it and came up with what I think is a simple fix that although it may not be perfect, it sure does the job of holding my 510 just like a pen in my pocket, and more importantly I feel safer holding it this way. You can probably stick it in any pocket or clip it on your shirt color (if you don't have a pocket) or through a button hole, or clip it on your purse, or wherever it may work for you.

No guarantees, but it really works for me and I made this in less than 5 minutes. Here's how I did it (follow my pics below):

1. I simply took the end cap off of an el-cheapo pen.
2. I cut the long end off leaving just the clip part with a hacksaw blade.

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