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vaping and deer hunting????

so i am a moderate deer hunter, whenever i have time and its the season i go out (which isnt often enough)

i mostly bow hunt, sometimes i gun hunt though, more of a thrill and a real "hunt" to me bow hunting. Anyway when i am up in the tree the past few years, i would try not and smoke (analogs) but sitting up there alllll day its kinda hard not to. (and for those who dont know, if any.... deer have a great sence of smell, they can smell your scent from a ways away.) so of course right after i get done with a smoke a deer walks in and looks right up at me :( damned analog smell gave me away, i knew it!!!! this has happened a couple times, deer would come in and smell me right away looked right up at me, and i was even wearing earth scent.

now that im vaping, i wonder if the deer will be able to smell the vapor?? ?? maybe, but even if they do maybe ill buy some apple flavor juice and they will come running in to me instead of running away LMAO

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