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Worried about throat hit.

I quit smoking legacy cigarettes about 6 months ago. I still get fierce cravings to smoke almost everyday. I don't believe it is the nicotine that I am craving, but rather the act of smoking. This is what turned me on to the whole e-smoking thing.

My equipment has not arrived yet, so I have no idea if e-smoking will fill the void. I certainly hope it does.

Anyway, I believe I'm after what is referred to as the "throat hit". I'm guessing that means the little pleasure pain sensation in the back of the throat one gets when inhaling smoke. If I can get that from vaping, I think I'll be set.

Here's my problem though, I already quit, so I'm not really interested in reviving my addiction to nicotine. I ordered several non-nicotine juices, but am worried they won't give me the "throat hit" that I'm after. I've read that they don't give you the same throat hit experience.

I ordered some 510 equipment as I've read that gives the best throat hit. Is there anything else I can do to maximize the throat hit? I've read that the higher voltage equipment helps, but I went with 3.7 volt equipment, for ease of use. Was that a mistake?

Am I fighting a losing battle? Will I have to give in to nicotine to get the sensation I'm after?


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