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801 Rant

I wanted to get some 801 attys for HV dripping, so I ordered an 801 out of the classifieds. When I got it, one of the two batteries was DOA.

Ordered 8 attys and an adaptor to fit the HV, and all was well for a few weeks, until I decided it was time to do a little cleaning.

Cleaned the adaptor w/alcohol without knowing that it would ruin the adaptor and cause attys to short out. I thought we were supposed to clean the threads occasionally. Apparently not always a good idea.

Of course, I ruined a bunch of attys before I realized what was happening. Some of them hadn't even been used yet.

So yesterday, I put my last remaining living 801 atty on the one working 801 battery, and smoke starts coming out from around the LED light.

Is it my imagination or am I just not cut out for 801s?

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