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Big brother is crazy

I absolutely can't believe the crazy stuff going down. The smoking nannys and fda claiming that eni juices are targeting minors to smoke? Are you frigging kidding me first of all you have to have a credit card to even order this stuff. Second of all this stuff is expensive someone on here said it is a $50 buy in and while that will get you a starter kit that is only the begining. You still need juice, you still need more batteries, you probaly should have more attys. 3rd of all this stuff is not hassle free constantly charging batteries, dealing with attys that are flooded, failing, not hitting right.

Ecigs target is smokers who have smoked for a while and are tired of cig burns in their clothes, tired of smelling like an ashtray, tired of burn holes in their carpets. Tired of not being able to breathe or smell things or taste things. To be frank I think with all the hassels that come with ecigs if cigs were not an option I would have never smoked.

Conclusion I totally think ecigs are worth the investment and the hassle and are a good alternative to smoking for a smoker who is addicted. They come with a lot of hassels and are not convient but is quitting convient? Is not being able to breathe,or smell things, or taste things.

For those who do not smoke and even think esmoking might be cool. Stay away nic is an expensive, nasty, and doesn't even get you high habit.

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