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Totally Wicked…Your TITAN MEGA 510 got lost in a dumpster!!

I am an apprentice painter and this job site Ive been working has a dumpster for all the junk. Well....it was time to clean up and I was grabbing all the garbage (with my car keys in one hand and my e-cig in the other..BAD MOVE)..anywho I tossed the garbage in the trash and didnt think anything about it until I got in the truck and looked for it and couldnt find it anywhere. Thank goodness the kit I got from you had 3 complete sets of PV's. I searched the job site (4500sq ft house) looked on the floor thinking I dropped it somewhere and no luck. I was thinking that maybe I tossed it in that dumpster but I had another appt and was running late so I had to leave without checking. Needless to say the last 3 days its been too cold to spray paint so I hadnt been out there for 3 days and my little e-cig im convinced is in that darn dumpster...So today it was warm and I went to the jobsite and started looking for painters trash (we were the only ones working in the house, the floor guys came today) I found the area where the trash looked like the stuff i tossed and im digging like a homeless lady lookin for cans and low and behold at the bottom of this yucky dumpster I SEE IT!!!!! It was a little dusty but not scratched or anything but there was alot of stuff on top of it. So I wiped it off (no food caca, just drywall and stuff) and took a vape and the batt light was bright and It vaped a huge cloud and I vaped on it the rest of the day. Now hows that for durability!!! I got myself a lanyard so that will never happen again. Just thought Id share that with yall Happy Vaping

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