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Trueman-ecig.com Review

So i discoverd electronic cigarettes about 3 weeks ago and did a bunch of research and decided i wanted in. I figured i wanted a dse103 and a bunch of attys and a passthrough and what not. I wanted it all lol. I looked at a bunch of USA and chineese based websites and found Trueman-ecig.com with the most competitive prices,.. aside from shipping. I searched and searched and could not find to much for review for this vendor but decided ill go ahead hope for the best.

I placed and order on monday night that included, 103 kit, extra battery, 3 attys, 25 cartridges, usb charger, car charge/usb car adapter thingy, passthrough, 50 ml camel, 10 ml grape, 10 ml menthol, 10 ml red bull, and a carrying case. Total after shipping was $130, and shipping rang in at right around 30 bucks. Payment was nice and easy with paypal.

So, i placed the order on monday night, by morning the order was shipped and i had tracking number in my inbox. I was impressed and quite exited my first order was on its way. I watched the tracking number everyday and it took forever to get out of china, at least it felt like. It made it to customs on sunday i beleive, and it was at my doorstep moday morning (i live right next to Chicago, IL). I was very impressed with the 6 day shipping and packaging was awesome. There was tape around it about 17 times lol. they taped the crap out of it.

Everything shipped to me worked exept one atty. I emailed them and they emaild me back within hours. They said they where sorry about the bad atty and a new one is on the way. Abolutely incredible. They have exelent customer service and great everything it seems.

As for the juices that ordered. Redbull is quite good, the grape is ok, perfect for a break between the others. Menthol is good, but a bit pepperminty. And last but not least the camel sucked. I mix 2 parts camel to one part menthol and it is an exelent menthol smoke! You cant beat there juice prices tho, 50 ml of 18strength for 14 bucks. and about 25 flavors to choose from. I cant wait to make it around to some of the usa vendors like dietsmokes and what not.

All in all i highly recomend trueman-ecig.com. They have great prices and quality customer service. I will use again.

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