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What I’m looking for.

Ok, it's getting about time to go ahead and buy my first unit. I'm looking for
inputs from folks with experience on what may meet my needs.

1. 510 model
2. I'm not interested in Dripping, so a device that doesn't require it to get good vapor/taste
3. Can utilize long-lasting batteries like the 3000mah models
4. Manual control with a sturdy/reliable button
5. Maintenance isn't a pain in the ass- easily cleaned, etc.
6. I do not require an LED... I don't care to be lit up at night if I'm walking around with it.
7. Any way to get metal cartridges? It seems they'd hold up longer than plastic.
8. Not a pen-style. I'm not interested in looking like I'm holding a thermometer in my hand/mouth. I'm a geek, but not a Harry Potter, magic-wand wielding geek.
9. Whistle/Pipe tip mouthpiece. I don't care for the round one... I miss my pipe.
10. And lastly, a military discount would kick ass. :)

Some models I've been impressed with from reading about them:
1. The Chuck. Simply because it's customizable with your choice of artwork.
2. GLV because it has a straight 5v model (the supposed sweet spot according to almost everything I've read), and I like the design- where the button is placed, ect.
3. Silver Bullet. It's shiny, meh... but the button system really attracts me.

So there ya go. Help me choose a device that fits.
(Any bashing or B.S., no experience comments will get the poster put on ignore.)

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