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After 49 years

It's been almost 2 months since I had a cigarette after smoking for 49 years.

My best friend just came in to visit me and I'm the one who got her smoking all those years ago. The first two days she was here, she tried vaping, but was still smoking and really resisting it despite the fact she's always trying to quit. Then I told her some stories -like about the guy who posted his lung x-rays from before and after. She then threw out her cigs and only borrowed two that day from some I had left over. The third day, she was just vaping.

She left today, and her big challenge was returning home and not buying analogs on the way home from the airport. She called me and said she not only didn't stop at a gas station to buy any, she didn't even want to.

We figured since I got her to smoke, I should be responsible for getting her to quit. Yeah!:-D

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