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DSE-905 900mah 901 atty, PICTURES semi review (Looks like a ScrewDriver)

Health Cabin's fast shipping arrived to the States 6 days!
I got the no frills just the battery holder and 2 battery's with discount code "ECF" $42.50 shipping $15. Had a 14500 charged up and ready for this unit. They come with unprotected cells but a protected 14500 will fit. A protected circuit is build in this unit. The Lights basically act like a regular e-cig. The shape fits well in the hand and feels light weight but solid. The bottom switch or you could say the master switch is unobtrusive. Standing the unit up on the bottom switch will not engage it. The side switch feels of a higher quality than a regular battery switch. My girlfriend is enjoying the light indicator she digs it!
Vapor produced same as any other 3.7 volt device.

DSE905 : Healthcabin Electronic Cigarettes - Wholesale and Retail

I bought 2 my girlfriend is using one and the other (I tested it works) put it away for now. If anyone is gonna break it she will. She has been using it for one day and this baby is still working top notch! So I'll update this thread as needed. So far what I can tell this piece is pretty sweet for the price. I'm thinking about painting over the led plastic on mine, just leaving a slit to light up. maybe someone can photoshop a slit in the lite up pic I posted?

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  1. Let us know how she is doing with it. A cheaper choice for the screwdriver would be very handy.

    Posted by Batch3 | November 25, 2009, 6:10 am

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