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Why does everybody hate Johnsons creek?

for some reason whenever i think johnsons creek I get an automated response of "bad", and it is because it just seems like (to me) that everybody hates johnsons creek smoke juice.

Does everybody really hate them? from looking at their website the prices are a little high,but if you figure out with shipping they are cheaper than Nhaler with their ten dollar shipping.

Also I heard they make their juice themselves, that cant be to bad right? I mean the rage today is all about stores that make their own juice so why wouldnt they be popular.

I have never tried them so i was just trying to figure out why a lot of people hate them?

Is the juice that bad? I have heard issues with their juice such as clogging and then they reformulated the juice. to this about half and half said good or bad.

how is the new juice?

If you like johnsons creek what are some good flavors they have? dont they do holiday flavors?

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