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Best/Cheapest 801 Attys

Ok, so now that I have procrastinated long enough to miss out on TW's sale on 801 atty 5 packs , I need to find a place I can pick up some that are relativly cheap (under $7 each) but arnt going to be total crap. The last 5 pack i got from TW was ok I guess. 3 of them were awesome. 1 wimpy from the get go, and the other i could never get the primer taste out of and was wimpier than the other 3 though not as bad as the the one uberwimp. So! I need some decent attys, that i dont have to pay overseas shipping costs on, and that arnt expensive (as I am stocking up.) All of my goto vendors are either out of stock or unable to process payments at the moment. ANy ideas folks?

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