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Got My Chuck

Hi all, I just got my Chuck today with the 510 tip and got a pair of disposable CR123 batts since my battery order hadn't arrive and I couldn't wait to try try it out. :)

I opened the package and my Chuck looks soooo much better than the pictures on his site. Pictures just simply cannot do the paint job justice. It's a nice hefty weight without being to heavy but I can see why many have dropped it and broken floor, especially with a battery in it. The threads on the cap are nice and smooth and I doubt they would ever seize or have any problems.

The only issue I found with it was after inserting the batteries it wouldn't wouldn't power on whatsoever, but after verifying my atty was good and checking the resistance through the switch and finding a much higher than expected resistance, I figured it out. The screw inside of it had worked its way loose a little bit during shipping and still had contact, but not a good one. A couple quick turns with screw driver and it's all good.

I have to say, I made a 5v/6v mod using AA Ni-Mh batteries and everything tasted burnt, so I honestly didn't get get my Chuck to do HV vaping because of this. I was just planning on using it with a big 3.7V batt. After getting the 3V batts to tide me over, I may just change to HV vaping all the time. Once I get my 3.7 batts I'll have to see which is better, but I am absolutely AMAZED at how much better my Chuck works than my homemade mod!

I must say I love my Chuck already and it will definitely be my new primary device.

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