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High Voltage – 5/6v MOD Recommendations

Disclaimer: I posted this in the MODders sub-forum but felt like it might be more appropriate to post it here since I'm looking for advice on commercial high voltage mods.

Hey all,

I currently own a Prodigy V1 from the first run and love the thing but I'm looking to get another high voltage MOD to have as a backup and just for something different.

Does anyone have any suggestions with links or would they mind PMing me them if they'd rather not post?

Thanks much for the information. It's been awhile since I've lurked so kind of out of the loop.



Well what atomizer?
Do you prefer 5v or 6v? they are VEry different?
Manual Switch or Electric Switch?
Bottom button or Side Button?
What colors fo you prefer?
I like both 5v/6v so essentially I'm just looking for other people's thoughts on what they personally use.

With HV commercial mods I stick with an 801 and I always drip.

Color and whatnot are not important. I do need to be able to drip so I guess it'd need to be sealed.

Manual switch all the way. It's what I'm used to and what I've grown to love.

I prefer a side button.

Thanks, sorry I didn't clarify.



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