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The Health E-Cigarette


Originally Posted by Red Handed (Post 738697)
hi guys. im new to this forum!!! first post!

I noticed this Health-E cig model on Amazon.com. I currently have about $100 in my amazon gift certs. i was looking to purchase my first E-cig through amazon... but it looks like i should probably avoid this model.

I noticed another model on Amazon called "V2". Has anyone heard anything about this one? i can't find any decent reviews ANYWHERE on the net. the starter kit is selling for $99.99 so i am trying to get some feedback before i jump on it. if anyone can help i would appreciate any type of review or feedback link.

sorry for posting in this thread... but i am not allowed to make a new thread because of my newbie status.

is there ANY information on this model on this forum or anywhere else?

this is the product page on amazon....
Amazon.com: V2 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit -

Okay, here's my very first ecig review:

The Health E-Cigarette

I started vaping a very short time ago. My wife's ex loaned me an NJoy that he had so I could see if I liked vaping. Keep this firmly in mind as you read my review, k?

The Health E-Cig is an interesting little toy. It comes in a 'pack' that also houses the charger. Contents: 7 carts, one atomizer, one battery, one 'pack' that houses not only all the stuff already listed, but the charger as well.

There was some sort of gunk in my atomizer that tasted like death on toast and until someone here told me how to get rid of it, I thought the damned thing was unsmokeable because of the nasty flavor. Once I got that issue straightened out, things changed.

Things I like about this unit:
1. Battery life seems good: at least as good as the NJoy.
2. The flavor of the carts supplied is not particularly horrible.
3. It seems to be durably made.
4. The packaging is cute! Making the charger part of the 'pack' is a clever idea.

Things I don't like about this unit:
1. They could have cleaned out the damned atomizer before packaging.
2. The cigarette package shaped carrying container has no place to carry an assembled e-cig (this means, of course, that you have to carry your assembled cig around with you separately).
3. The kit only comes with one battery!!!!! Run out of battery and you are without your vaping device for several hours while the battery charges.
4. There's a rather large 'bridge' coming out of the top of the atomizer. This sticks up into the wadding in the cart and I suspect it helps produce flavored vapor. DO NOT TWIST THE CARTS WHEN CHANGING THEM: if you do, the 'bridge' catches the wadding in the cart and pulls it out!

So, there you have it: I have as many issues with this device as I have points of praise and so I would give this unit 5 out of 10. It's NOT HORRIBLE, but it's not wonderful either. Long run, I think it will be an effective back-up vaper, but not the kind of e-cig that anyone would want to have as their primary.

Hope you find this review helpful!

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