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10440 test 360 mAh on Janty Kissbox USB

So I noticed that the USB pass-through has a 10440 360 mAh battery. I never paid much attention to the battery until I started looking at Janty Sticks and thought "that battery looks familiar."

I have my small, pocket multimeter hooked up to the battery inside the case of the pass-through. I as taking readings as I puff, noting the voltages and at what times I inhale. ( First I actually need to write a quick php script to allow quick data entry...cause I'm a dork like that. )

Since many people complain about heavy usage and low battery life, I thought I would run my experiment as a heavy puffer.

My locally run script will note the time of the entry. I will include how long I discharged the battery for a puff (for extended puffs, I release and activate more than once), voltage before, during, and after the puff, for one hour.

My meter only registeres 200mA max, so I cannot directly read the current, but as everyone who graduated high school should remember, V=IR, I read the voltage, divide by the resistance of the Kissbox Atomizer and viola!

I'm sure many people will call me a dork, but I thought of it at work and I am interested to see the voltage/current drop vs puff count and duration.

Perhaps this will settle all of the "it depends on how much you vape" comments!

Of course I will keep this thread bookmarked so I can do several experiements. One alone will not be definitive.

Stay tuned for the results in about 90 minutes!

Also, feel free to let me know if this specific test has been done or if I am only wasting my time.

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