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Atomizer life and technique

I was just curious, those of you who experience long atomizer life, what are the techniques you use? It would be intresting to see if method correlates with atomizer life span.

Maybe list atomizer model, average lifespan thus far, cart/modded cart/drip, cleaning frequency and method, juice used, and whatever else seems noteworthy.

I haven't had one go bad yet (except the one I tried to clean with bleach), and can only say that two have survived a month, 2 weeks each. I haven't had one go bad yet, so not sure my data should be included but here is the format:

510 attie
2 weeks average, without atomizer death.
soak in 50/50 grain alcohol/vinegar, rinse and dry, about once a week.
Currently using MFS juice (PG based)

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