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Big Tobacco is coming….

Make no mistake, when the tide finally begins to completely turn against analogs, Big Tobacco and its associates will come.

When Big Tobacco comes, it will initially invest hundreds of millions in marketing and R&D.

When Big Tobacco comes, the FDA will be tamed, and US Customs will become its guardian.

When Big Tobacco comes it will obliterate its competition.

When Big Tobacco comes, with its engineers and chemists, there will be ground breaking and ingenious technological innovations to the craft. Enter the patented Ultra Light ONE PIECE PV with pivotal mouthpiece, and the new patented ALSC (any light source chargeable) micro battery. Many of these technologies will extend to, and benefit other industries as well (medical, micro-electronics, auto, solar, etc). Big Tobacco will create sub divisions to accommodate these industries. The economically devastated nation will be pleased.

When Big Tobacco comes, the colloquial term “e-cigarette” will completely vanish from the planet, to be replaced by the environmentally sound marketing term “Personal Vaporizer” or “PV”. The term “e-liquids” will become “PVC’s or “VC’s” “Personal Vaporizer Capsules”. These after-market degradable capsules resemble elongated gel tablets, and are distributed and sold at local stores in bio degradable “PVC packs”, each pack will contain 20 capsules and each PVC will last 20 to 30 minutes. The capsules are designed to be completely vaporized, however once “activated” unused chemicals in discarded PVC’s will become inert within 30-60 minutes (ironically by using a covalent bond based on polyvinyl chloride). Average cost per pack, $10.00USD +tax.

When Big Tobacco comes, with its wonderful new products, and with its pervasive marketing, within five years, the worldwide population of “PVapers” will increase ten fold. This will occur with only a wink from its FDA, “After all, many of Big Tobacco’s after market products may contain nicotine, but they are also corn based.”

Over a short period of time, we will begin to notice strange, subtle changes in the juices. They will become much, much tastier and much more addictive.

Yes, Frankenstein will return.

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