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Great American Smokeout is e-cig opportunity!

With the happening of the Great American Smokeout targeting analog smokers, many newspapers are running stories with details on how to reduce or stop smoking analog cigarettes.
Many of these newspapers are on-line and offer feedback areas for reader messages. This is a perfect time to point out the benefits of personal vaporizers, e-cigs, whatever you prefer to call them.
I know when I was a smoker I rarely read those stories but non-smoking friends and family members would and they would almost always try to get me to stop smoking. I didn't listen. What if, just if, one of those friends or family members had read about e-cigs and urged me to look into them? If they would have told me I could drop the smoke and keep the nicotene; not go crazy from cig withdrawl; and have the opportunity to gradually taper down if I wanted, I would have listened to that.
Just a thought.

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