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Need help!

I have a volcano battery and i bought 5 510 atty's. I am using Totally Wicked liquid and I am having this problem.

3 attys have gone out after 2 days of use. Or at least i think they are.

I got a new one on now and it is starting not to taste right. Not really sure if this is what happened to the others as i seem to puff on mine all the time without paying much attention.

The wicks on the other attys have seem to disappeared. I have noticed a slight head ache for the past 2 days. Now i got a fresh reused 510 cartridge fairly well filled and the taste seems kinda watery. That is not the vaper goodness. I have not modded these at all so I still have the poly fill that came with them. I will top off the cartridge and this seems to get the vaper goodness i am looking for but then It goes to this watery taste. I think i am now REALLY smoking the atty wick and it doesnt seem to be doing what it is supposed to. When filling the poly fill is almost to the top of the cartridge and when i pull it out it is about 1/4 of an inch down. I havent noticed a burnt smell but the taste is definately not cherry. What do you all think is going wrong or what am i doing wrong to fix this. The original volcano attys are still working fine so i am not sure what i need to do. Thank you all in advance.

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