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What is happening to me?

Today something happened that just a few months ago was beyond comprehension to me, I wouldn't have believed it, or maybe called the storyteller a few expletives. I used to tell a story about lighting up a cig outside in a parking lot and overheard a teen girl around 30 feet away complaining of the smell of my cigarette. At the time I thought she was full of it, hostile anti-smoker, etc. but today i was getting into my car, in a mostly empty parking lot and inhaled the strong, I mean very strong odor of cigarette smoke. I was actually startled thinking someone was right behind me, but I looked around and no one was there. I looked the other way and on the other side of the lot, at least 50-60 ft away was a woman standing on the sidewalk smoking. Now, granted I'm sure a breeze was blowing the smoke directly at me, and I'm probably oversensitive, being an ex heavy smoker only 2+ months in, but this just changed my entire perspective on smoking. I am definitely not going to become a militant anti-smoker, but I have gained a little sympathy for all those people who complained about my smoking in the past. :oops:

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