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Best way to clean a 510 atty?

So I've had my 510 about ten days or so now. Ordered a few different types of liquid and actually by pure accident ordered the Ruyan 4. Never been a fan of flavored tobacco products but vaping the Ruyan is awesome. Last night I was vaping hard and switched atty's (only have 2 at the moment with more on order) draw was getting hard since I hadn't cleaned/drained the atty's since receiving my 510. Net effect of it is apparantly I "over cooked" the ruyan by drawing real hard and now have that burnt flavor in both atty's. Today I cleaned all my carts thoroughly and did the twisted paper towel method to drain both atty's. Huge improvement in terms of draw and vapor...back to being like new again, however still getting the burnt flavor from both atty's. It seems clear to me that the atty's need more than just draining but a thorough cleaning. Since my spare atty's won't arrive till next week I'm really paranoid about destroying them by washing them with the hot water/blow dryer technique. Any suggestions for me? Should I just wait till the spares arrive and tollerate the burnt flavor for now or is there a safe way to thoroughly clean them? (I do know that I did not melt any plastic on the carts...they seem fine)

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