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Electronic Cigarette Petition – Please sign

The following link will lead you to a petition opened today (11/20/09) with the intention of closing on 1/31/10. Here's how it works. Sign the petition at the following link and the letter I'm posting here will be sent with all undersigned to the FDA, any elected official (local, state or federal) that we can get our hands on, media outlets and anti-smoking groups. Last petition of this nature received in the neighborhood of 14,000 votes...I'm going for 20,000 before sending. Please promote the link anywhere and everywhere you can. I will begin promoting this with any and all manufacturers of e-cigs and liquid tomorrow. GET INVOLVED AND LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

The link is:

The letter (which can be read at the link as well) is as follows:
(I can still correct typo's or technical info so feel free to point em out)

Dear Sir,

We the undersigned require your immediate attention regarding potential legislation effecting electronic cigarettes. These devices offer benefits of such magnitude as to not only make the matter one of life or death for the millions of Americans addicted to tobacco products but also to literally benefit every citizen of this nation.

Electronic cigarettes offer tobacco users an alternative means by which to control both their nicotine cravings as well as physical habit. Most are finding the transition from standard forms of smoked tobacco to the e-cigarette to be as easy as switching brands with unofficial success rates believed to be in excess of 70%. With millions of Americans currently nicotine dependent this represents not just a significant increase from the under 10% offered by current cessation methods but is being heralded as a miracle by many. While it is true that many individuals will choose to continue long term use of electronic cigarettes the same could be said of any individual wishing to satisfy their nicotine dependency with over-the-counter products such as nicotine patches or gum.

As additional benefits these devices do not burn any form of organic material, have no open flame and produce no ash, butts or excessive amounts of packaging. The nicotine is delivered into the body by vaporizing the e-liquid and could be most closely related to inhalers and not cigarettes. The fact that their is no smoke being emitted eliminates the dangers of second hand smoke, affords little to no perceivable odor and causes none of the yellow staining as tobacco would. The lack of open flame alone is a benefit which reaches every sector of the population due to the current number of wild-land and structural fires which occur annually from the improper disposal of smoked tobacco products. All of this is achieved from a single device which can be considered no more disposable than a flashlight and will not be found littering our roadways and waterways.

For those unaware of the devices themselves they are a simple apparatus typically consisting of three primary parts: A battery, an atomizer which vaporizes the e-liquid and a cartridge containing the e-liquid. Common ingredients found in e-liquid are nicotine, typically available in levels from 30mg to 0mg along with water, food grade propylene glycerin, vegetable glycerin and natural flavorings. All of these substances have previously been approved by the FDA prior to ever being combined to form e-liquid. While ingredients could potentially vary and trace chemicals may be present (such as those found in the anti-freeze agents for food) they come nowhere close to the nearly five thousand chemicals and carcinogens currently present in various forms of tobacco products.

We the undersigned ask that these benefits not be ignored by our legislators and elected officials and that they understand that it is flat out there responsibility to ensure they remain available to us. We ask that pharmaceutical companies and tobacco manufacturers be allowed to share, but not take sole control of, this breakthrough. We understand the need for manufacturers of e-liquid to maintain and adhere to certain safety protocols as is necessary to ensure a standard of public health which can easily exceed that set forth by tobacco companies. Most importantly however, we ask that you preserve our right to decide for ourselves.

Our sincerest appreciation for your diligent consideration of this important issue.


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