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FDA vs Smokingeverywhere

On another thread somewhere I was discussing that a lot of e-cig suppliers are telling the public that E-cigarettes are a good way to quit smoking etc. And a few people were telling me that is not true or whatever.

I can see why the FDA is getting fuel to harass us. If you look at some of the ads all over the internet by smoking everywhere, they are making very radical claims. One Ad I just saw on some website from them said, "QUIT SMOKING NOW with bla bla" "100 percent healthy alternative!"

How could they really make that claim so openly. 100 percent healthy? I mean do we really agree with them making such a statement? I personally think they are wrong for making that claim. That is not having our best interests in mind either. Thats being no better than the FDA. No one knows if these things are 100 percent healthy. We just use our common sense to suggest that they are HEALTHIER than cigarettes. But I think they are being ridiculous to make that claim.


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