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First vaping night out on the town

Tonight was my wife's birthday and we took our new e-cigs along to the celebration at a local restaurant. First time in neither-of-us-could-remember-how-long that we didn't have to keep excusing ourselves to "step outside" at such a gathering.

Went pretty well vape-wise. I started out stealth vaping, but by half way through the night we were both vaping openly. No comments from anyone, except some questions from the others in our (non-smoking) party - just polite interest and "how do they work?" queries.

At one point I lost my e-cig down the back of the seat (a big booth seat) and felt foolish having to ask people to get up while I lifted the seat to hunt around for it. Also, I noticed again that 18mgs doesn't seem to cut it for me, and eventually I did step outside for an analog. I also wore out the two 510 batteries I'd taken along by the end of the evening, so had another analog during the drive home. Didn't much care for the taste either time.

All in all, a mixed experience vaping-wise (though a nice meal and good company). I definitely have to figure out the whole battery life/nic strength/flavor equation before we go out again ... my dream vape, at least at the moment, would probably be a 32-36 mg vanilla with battery power to last the five hours of a party.

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