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Initial Thoughts: Xhaler

So I got one of these in today. Ungodly fast shipping. I just placed the order Wednesday.

My initial thoughts are simple: Drew currently has the best value going in a commerical mod kit. As for size, it's slightly smaller in length and width than the Prodigy. The body is aluminum, so overall it's pretty light. There would be some slight weight savings in using all aluminum construction, but it looks nice with the brass.

My 75 dollar "bare bones" kit came with a 901 endcap, an 801 endcap, the body, and the typical Drew "extras". One thing that makes ordering from NHaler a little like christmas each time. My extras were the bag, the tweezer and dental pick set, a cartomizer adapter, and four sample carto's of different flavors. Very cool extras considering I had also ordered five greencig and five KR's to test.

The batteries are a good fit. There's about a half a millimeter of play around them, which is better than average.

The button is a bit of a compromise, but it's not bad. Rather than put a lock on it, it's just slightly more stiff than a typical mod button. You can rest the device on its button and its own weight can not trigger it. I don't see this device going off in a pocket. The button action is smooth and good. It's not the easy wonder of the GGT button, but it's not a high effort button either.

I ordered the plain vanilla "1" model. I wasn't a fan of most of the colors as they looked like christmas wrapping paper to me. This is subjective though. The "1" model does come with a clearcoat protective finish. I've already peeled it off because I'm going to shine up the metal and get some engraving done.

How does it vape? Fantastic. Just like any other high volt mod. If you are a newbie to mods, you simply can not compare anything to them. Your 510 or cartomizer at 3.7v is lightyears behind a good high volt experience.

How does the voltage drop feel?

It's noticable. I have a Janty Tawa I've had for a while that's very sensitive to voltage, and you can taste the difference between "cap screwed tight" and "cap loose". I'd say it's a more subtle difference than the Prodigy, suggesting that it's not dropping the voltage as much.

Cartomizers are fantastic at high volts, and work great on this mod. I've tried both the KR's and the Greencigs, and I'm going to have to give a nod to the Greencigs. They just work and taste better. The KR's seem to get way hotter quicker, and lose flavor fast. The Greencig is like a slightly smaller slightly more convenient DSE801 at high volts. Side-by-side comparisons with one found them hitting about the same, with the carto having slightly more flavor, and the 801 producing slightly more vapor. Thing is, you could have the same kind of variance in the same batch of 801's you ordered from someone.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the product and the value it represents. I'll do a video review after about a month of using it.

Let me know if you have any questions

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