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Juice Juice Juice…. Help wanted

Hello everyone...
I have been vaping for about a month in a half with the Screwdriver MOD on a 901 atty..

I primarily started with juice from pillbox38.. and have decided that this is not the juice for me.

I want some advice on juice from those of you that have a little more experience with juice flavors and the companies that produce good quality VG juices that taste the closest to the intended flavors.
I have been reading several reveiws that state that most of the flavors out there do not taste like what they were intended; for instance, Juicy Juice and it's chocolate... reveiw said it didnt taste remotely like chocolate.. and its coca cola was reveiwed to taste like cinnamon more than coke.
Anyway, I just wanted some suggestions on some of these juices to get started off without being too disappointed in sampling a lot and finding that I spent money for nothing.
I would appreciate any help that you wish to offer and be seeing you around. Sincerely,

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