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KR808D-1 Help

I've been a very happy user of my 510 since i started vaping about 4 months ago. Only had 1 analog since and that was just to test it out for old time sake. Never again.

Anyways, back to my issues.

I got a KR808D for my wife, needless to say she's sticking with her M401 so im giving it a whirl.

These are what my findings are so far going on week 3.

1) Hard to get any decent vapor. New carts, refilled carts, nothing seems to produce any good vapor including ones with VG juice.

2) Cartomizers can get very warm on the lips

3) Cartomizers don't last as long as I thought. I only get maybe an hour, 2 tops out of a full one before it tastes like burnt polly fill.

4) Juice cut with VG isn't good for them at all. Had 1 that did good new, refilled with 25% VG juice and it seemed to produce zero vapor ever since.

5) Ones that do work semi well, only seem to last maybe 2 refills before they just don't work at all. Don't like taking new juice and produce little vapor or throat hit.

6) Ease of draw is stupid light. Like sucking air through a 6" pvc pipe. Getting headaches from the light draw. Tried putting my fingers over the air holes, helped a little. But i've never been able to hit the cut off. Usually only get 1-2 second drags before I can't draw anymore and the LED turns off.

7) Battery life kicks ass! Coming a 510 battery, this was a given

8) Flavor isn't as good as I was expecting. Got a pack of Menthol and 555 carts, menthol is very minty, but the 555 carts don't give much flavor. Tried different juices, no change.

9) When refilling, I can maybe get 10 drops in before its flooding on the top. I tried the swing method and that can get maybe a couple more drops, but usually its full. I figured I wasn't vaping them dry, but confirmed many times with my wife that it was empty and tasting like filler.

Thats about it for now, if anyone can lend any suggestions to any of these issues, id greatly appreciate it.

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