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Out of left field: the battery bracelet

YouTube - Wristband Of Power - Handheld Electronics Portable Battery

Thanko Charger Bracelet Has More Wrist Power Than The Hulk - Battery - Gizmodo

Depending on the geek factor of the reviewing website, these things are either the cutting edge of portable electronic chic or the dorkiest accessories ever produced. They're manufactured by a Japanese company called Thanko that specializes in off-the-wall e-gadgets.

Given that vapers are used to carrying around odd-looking devices anyway, would the battery bracelet be a viable alternative to the "usual" e-cig battery mods? Seems like they hold quite a bit of power, and presumably (depending on what you were wearing) the bracelet could be pushed up the forearm and hidden under the sleeve for a slightly more discreet effect.

via: E-Cigarette Forum


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