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Pillbox 38… 24mg to 36mg..

I just received the 36 mg.. and loked up on the ewicked site at the lab results.. This stuff taste no different than the 24mg.. as a matter fact it has a bad bitter aftertaste.. like pecan shells. I can't vape it.. it makes me want to throw up and beleive me .. for the price , I am already red in the face. Anyway, The lab results that they sumbit state that this stuff is rated at 36 mg .. but they list that at 1.8% per mg by ml.. this stuff is actually only 18%, which translates into 18mg/ml. How can they do this and advertise it at 36mg/ml.
All I am saying folks is.. If you are looking into getting juice from e-liquid.. I wouldn't bother going past their 24 mg nic juice. You will just be wasting your money.. and I don't know if I just got a bad batch.. but the 24mg/ml was real smooth and the 36mg/ml was way bitter tasting- very dissatisfying. This is only my opinion and I just wanted to farewarn you.

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