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big trouble in little china

i found a distributor for kits form china at a good price. i ordered a sample kit and paypal sent the money, it arrivedi n 7 days. after talking to their representative i placed an order for 2300usd and asked for the invoice, i was informed that they could not accept paypal payments over 500usd and only western union or bank TT to transfer larger amounts... this upset me for 2 reasons...

1. the money for the purchase was going to be supplied via VISA
2. bank tt and western union are not secured in payments like paypal...

thus i am stuck, my chances of purchasing these kits at a good price for low cost, and my chances of becoming a vendor are now slightened...

i found this company off of alibaba and they seem very legitimate,

do you think my concerns are valid?

how would you continue at this point?

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