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M-401 Questions

Ok. As some of you already know, I've been debating between a 510 and an M-4xx. So I broke down and got an M-401 with an additional 402 batt.

First thing is its sooo much smaller than my kr-808D... almost not used to something SO close to an analog! I like it, but I have a couple issues:

1- not huge with vapor production. Not bad either, if this were my first ever PV, I wouldnt be disappointed.

2- The taste... not liken' it too much. I only use menthol and 555. The menthol is the only thing really worth using. But even then the issue is a metallic taste? I've dripped directly onto the atty as well as using the cart... neither is any better.

So any advice that would make this PV a better contendor for more regular use vs. my kr, please post:D

My best,

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