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Strongest Dekang tobacco flavors?

Was wondering if anyone can give some input on Dekang tobacco flavors, specifically from Heaven Gifts.
I've been trying quite a lot of vendors and most I really like a lot, (DIY Flavor Shack, Nhalers, JuicyVapor, Jane's Kick juice and Pure smoker to name a few).
However, with the possible exception of Drew's Nhaler stuff, most of these I find a bit expensive for an every day vape. On a side note to Drew's, does anyone find the high voltage tends to dry the throat out a bit more than usual? (I'll have to order some of his regular stuff and compare, love his flavors and prices though).
Anyhow, on to the Dekang question ... for starters I haven't found a better price, IF you order a lot to offset the shipping costs. In my experience the flavors seem to be toned down a bit from the American companies but they do seem to leave a very pleasing sort of sweet thick vapor for me, (prodigy at 5v). Hard to explain but maybe a heavy milk like vapor, I love that sensation.
But ... I'm looking to find some of the heavier or stronger tobacco flavors. So far in my experience the Tab seems to be the strongest, and Kent seems very very weak to me.
Here is what I have tried:
RY4, 555, Winston, Flue Cured, Hilton, Tab, Kent

Do most of you agree that Tab is probably the strongest tobaccoish flavor and Kent sort of weak? I read other posts where people seem to like Kent a lot, I just can't seem to taste it too much. And any experience with Virginia? From other vendors it seems rather flavorful to me, but not sure if Dekang would be the same.
Well, sorry about lots of rambling but I guess I am just looking for feedback on the Heaven Gifts tobacco flavors and which ones might be the strongest or richest tobacco flavors?

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