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Caution & suggestions handling E-liquid

We all know that nicotine is a poison and it can make you sick or kill you. Skin contact should be avoided! Don't be cheap when it comes to your life! Go buy you some latex gloves. I went to Wal-Greens and bought a syringe with cleaning brush and a rubber cap that sticks into the end of a liquid filled bottle. With the cap on there you stick the syringe into the cap turn the bottle upside down and fill the syringe. It's probably more safe and less messy. Saves your e-juice! You can get the syringe + cap at Wal-Greens for $2.39 Click Here . I use a glass beaker for my mixing purposes which makes it harder to spill out. Then put my mixture into an emptied out swimmers ear bottle. Those things will hold about 29- 33 ml of liquid. It also has the perfect dropper on the end making it safer and easier to refill carts. Handy to take with you too! I found mine cheaper at Wal-Mart but here is one at Walgreens has one for $5.00 click here .

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