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Don’t ****, dude!!!! ~~~~~


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Exactly haha for example it's much more likely to get hit by some idiot who decides to run a red light when you're going through an intersection than to explode a gas station with an ecig does that stop you from driving? Didn't think so, everything is dangerous...you can trip down your stairs fall and break your neck technically so do you never go down stairs?

No dude... Here it is!!!!

My grandpa drank himself silly and ate beans like they were going out of style.. I'm sure you see where this is going..
Never fart man.... He did right next to one of those old element style radiators and blew it out of the wall. The flames didn't hurt him.. as he was thrown several feet away but the radiator landed right on him and gave him a limp for the rest of his life.
So, all you paranoid folks out there.. Don't fart next to radiators and maybe you will live full and happy lives... Man!!!


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